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How To Dress For Work In An Office

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On average, women working in an office setting make a few mistakes when they are dressing for work. This article will help women working in an office to avoid these mistakes and help them to strive for a balance of proper dressing and feminity.

Unless you’re working in the modeling industry, avoid any clothing that appears too sexy. This should include low cut blouses and shirts, skirts or dresses that are more than three inches from the knee and anything that reveals too much bare skin.

If in doubt, don’t wear it. It’s really that simple. To determine if something should or should not be worn to the office, try it on and stand in front of a full-length mirror.

Now, bend over and touch your toes while looking frontwards into the mirror. Can you see a lot of cleavage? If so, consider wearing a scarf over the area or simply choose a different shirt.

Cleavage isn’t appropriate for the office and it can be very distracting to the male employees. Keep it covered gals and make a statement by being appropriate.

Now for the skirt length. Again, in front of a full-length mirror. Bend over and touch your toes only, this time, check the backside. Can your underwear be seen? What if you squat down in lieu of bending over? Keep that skirt or dress at no more than three inches above the knee and be appropriate.

dress for office - vestir para trabajoIncidentally, I got these tips from a cool new blog called Qponerme. It’s in Spanish, but well, I am trilingual (French as well :) ), so I could read the tips. Sometimes the blogs that I read regularly tend to let me down, and then I’m turning to new sources. Qponerme is my newest find, so I’m giving them credit.

It’s also to avoid wearing spaghetti straps unless you have a blouse or sweater over it. Spaghetti straps may be cooler, but they are also more revealing and inappropriate in office settings.

To help prevent issues, consider the following under dresses and sheer tops.

Camisoles or spaghetti strap tanks under sheer tops are ideal.

Tights under dresses or skirts that are too short work wonder to keep you modest.

Whenever possible, opt for a knee-length skirt in lieu opt something shorter.

Choose clothing that has clean lines and is tailored in lieu of sloppy styles that may fall off of the shoulders.

Choose flats or shorter heel styles for footwear and avoid stilettos and strappy sandals for parties and the beach.

Never wear heavy makeup and focus on subtle shades in lieu of the dramatic for office wear.

Remember as a child how the older women used to smell as if they bathed in perfume? Don’t be that woman. Opt for a subtle scent if any at all. Many people are allergic and it will seize up their sinuses.

Keep in mind that “less is more” when it comes to jewelry and makeup.

By following these tips, you’ll look very office appropriate and be much less likely to offend the bosses or co-workers wives or girlfriends.

If you’re ever in doubt about an outfit, don’t wear it until you try it on for a trusted friend and get a second opinion. It’s well worth the time and effort to wear office-appropriate clothing and be respected.